Leave it to us for industrial use of high frequency.
We will respond with reliable technology, including IH, plasma, and ultrasonic waves.

We, Alonics, Ltd. provide solutions to meet customers' needs with high-frequency power supplies and their high-frequency utilization devices for industrial use of high frequency and scientific research, such as power supplies and heating devices for induction heating, high-frequency power supplies for plasma, RF power amplifiers, and others.
We provide equipment selection and follow-up services based on our extensive experience and know-how.

Our Products

High-frequency IH (Induction Heating) equipment

High-frequency IH (Induction Heating) equipmentWe design and manufacture induction heating equipment with optimized design utilizing induction heating power supplies with advanced solid-state technology.
With our extensive heating know-how cultivated in many industries and processes, we can realize your ideal heating process.
The compact configuration of the machine makes it easy to integrate into production lines.

Infrared radiation thermometer (non-contact temperature measurement)

Infrared radiation thermometer Industrial thermometers are required to measure temperatures accurately and respond quickly even in harsh atmospheres such as metal processing and glass manufacturing, where high temperatures and dust are generated.
We have a great deal of experience not only in stand-alone thermometers but also in integrating temperature control mechanisms including radiation thermometers into induction heating equipment and other devices.

Broadband RF Power Amplifiers

Broadband RF Power Amplifiers
We deal in the products of E&I (ELECTRONICS AND INNOCVATIONS), a manufacturer of class A linear amplifiers in the United States. (Exclusive import agency in Japan)
E&I is a company that reproduces the amplifiers of the former ENI by bringing together the engineers of the former ENI.

Brands we sell

Ambrell / USA

A manufacturer specializing in compact high-frequency induction heating equipment.
Ambrell is ambitiously challenging all kinds of heating applications and have introduced innovative products as a leading company, including induction heating.

Electronics and Innovations, Ltd. / USA

A specialized manufacturer of class A broadband RF power amplifiers established by engineers from the former ENI.
It continues to expand and develop its product line in terms of both frequency and power levels.

FLUKE Process Instruments / USA

A specialist in non-contact temperature measurement and a leading manufacturer of radiation thermometers and thermal imaging instruments.
The former Raytek, Ircon, and Datapaq brands have been merged into "Fluke Process Instruments", offering top-class performance and a wide product lineup for use in harsh industrial environments.

Optris GmbH / Germany

A manufacturer specializing in infrared temperature measurement.
From compact radiation thermometers to line scanners, we can handle a wide variety of applications, helping to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce production costs.