For "Carbon Neutral by 2050"
Alonics promotes efforts to realize a decarbonized and green society by improving technology using IH.

Our products

We provide engineering services for IH equipment, IH power supplies, RF power amplifiers, and all other equipment related to the industrial use of high frequency and scientific research.



We realize the customer's ideal heating by selecting the induction heating power supply, designing the heating coil and optimizing the design with related peripheral equipment such as radiation thermometers for temperature control.


Infrared Radiation Thermometer

We recommend the industrial radiation thermometers "Fluke" and "Optris" for accurate temperature measurement and responsiveness even in harsh environments.

RF amplifier

RF power amplifiers

Top quality RF power amplifiers with excellent durability and robustness. Suitable for various applications such as ultrasonic applications, various tests, R&D, etc.

Our YouTube Channel

You can watch videos on the principle of induction heating and application examples on the Alonics YouTube channel.
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